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Sawyer Leica Looks Multi .jpg

9 Smart Filters

Easy One Click Lightroom Presets That Adapt To Fit Your Photos

Designed to give you the same look & COlor balance of my Leica Camera & Editing Style!

A Preset should manipulate the color values within a photograph, to balance and tone. Not just slap a layer of color on top!

These Lightroom & Photoshop friendly Presets work differently with every photo, so we included some examples below :)

Sawyers Leica Looks #1 - PORTRA 400 .jpg
Sawyers Leica Looks #2 - Leica Monochrom
Sawyers Leica Looks #3 - GOLDEN BOY.jpg
Sawyers Leica Looks #4 - The
Sawyers Leica Looks #6 - FLAT FILM.jpg
Sawyers Leica Looks #5 - Orange & Teal L
Sawyers Leica Looks #7 - Punchy Black an
Sawyers Leica Looks #8 - Old
Sawyers Leica Looks #9 - Kodak 400.jpg

These Custom Presets are exactly what I use for my own Personal Instagram Edits.
This pack of presets is different from others because instead of putting a tinted filter on top of your photo, it reprograms the color values of each individual color so you get a distinct one of a kind look.

This process makes all the difference.

Cannot wait to see how these  presets can bring your photos to the next level!
Enjoy :) -Sawyer

Tag #SawyersInstaFilters on any photos you post or edit with our presets! Will be re-posting a lot of them!

Presets Intended For Use With Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Lightroom
Mobile when transferred via a desktop.

All Sales Final. 

About Us (Soon)
by Sawyer Hartman
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